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Teacher of Czech language

Welcome to the website dedicated to lessons of Czech for foreigners

I am pleased that you are interested in Czech lessons with me. Here you can find all information you may need :)

Organisation of lessons
Lessons are on-line, the frequency and duration depends on you. I am flexible as long as I have availability, i.e. due to other lessons and projects, I usually have less time in the afternoon/evening (Czech time = + 1 GMT). At the earliest I teach from 10:30. I usually teach via Google Meet Zoom, Skype or another platform is also possible.

About me as teacher and the way I teach 

My method depends on the needs of each student but I am based on the (post)communicative method which combines several methods and develops a range of communication skills (e.g. not only knowing the vocabulary, but also knowing how and when to use it, knowing how to express oneself with limited vocabulary etc.).

I always adjust my lessons according to my student's needs (way of learning, objectives, interests...). I can help you to define what kind of learner you are, i.e. which ways of learning work best for you, and recommend which resources to use.

My students say that I am patient, friendly and very motivating and some say (but always laughing!) that I am demanding, but I always say that I only try to take advantage of each student's potential, so I demand from each one what he/she is able to do (but do it with pleasure!). Anyway, it's up to you, the way you want the lessons to be!

Czech language has a somewhat more complex grammar than English, so it is often useful to follow a certain system in the explanation of the grammar. You learn the most frequent forms, not all at the same time. The good news is that it is a logical system (albeit with exceptions) and that, despite various linguistic phenomena which are not present in English, we only have three grammatical tenses! Moreover, if you learn Czech, it will be easy for you to learn any other Slavic language.

Price and payment

Lessons include materials in electronic form (texts, song lyrics, tests, audios, links to videos...). I choose the materials and prepare the lesson plan according to the needs of the student(s). If it is an intensive course, minimum 3 lessons per week or minimum 3 people in the course, I can make a discount. The price of on-line individual lesson is 850 CZK per 60 minutes. 

See details about the conditions and payments below, so you will really have all the information :)

I. First lesson
The first time we meet we will talk in detail about your expectations and goals, the way we do the lessons and the way that works best for you to learn languages (if you remember better from a written text or by listening to a lot of audio, drawings, diagrams etc). It will be about 10-20 minutes (free) + the class itself, usually 60 minutes but can be longer (or shorter).

II. Payment

The payment has to be realized before the lessons start you are paying for take place. A package of 10 lessons is a minimum. Each package of classes is valid for 6 months, i.e. we have 6 months to have those lessons.

In the case of the first lesson, it is not necessary to pay in advance whole package, one lesson is ok. It is possible to pay the package after the first lesson.

You can pay to my Czech, Euro or Dollar account or via PayPal or Revolut.

II. Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel a lesson, you need to do it at the latest until 22:00 Czech time the night before the lesson, if later, there is a 100% cancellation fee for the lesson as if you were taking it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, either here or on social media for a more instant conversation.

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